Baby Boy leaves NICU to live with uncle

Success story

The situation

Theodore, a baby boy served by Kinnect to Family, was born with a congenital heart defect and had languished in the hospital for months while the agency worked to identify a foster home that could provide for his medical needs.

The facilitation

Kinnect to Family specialist Mary Lee began an exhaustive family search. She identified an uncle named Ryan, who was a half-brother to Theodore’s father. He was interested in being involved with the child. His partner, however, had reservations about their ability to provide the specialized medical care needed. Mary Lee encouraged the couple to spend time with Theodore at the hospital and learn about his medical needs from his care team.

The outcome

After bonding with him in the hospital, and better understanding how to care for him, they agreed to become Theodore’s caregivers. He moved to their home not long after that, with the hospital staff having a “clap-out” to congratulate them. If not for Kinnect to Family, Theodore may have continued to languish in the hospital and eventually entered foster care, separated from his family, culture, and community.

*Names and identifying information have been changed for purposes of confidentiality.