Baby Boy reunited with Half-Sister

Success story

The situation

A Kinnect to Family Specialist was working to ensure that a 3 month old baby boy remained within his family as his parents were being supported with care, resources, and services to mitigate the struggles they were experiencing as a result of poverty.

The facilitation

The Kinnect to Family specialist found the baby boy’s adult half sister. The adult sister had experienced challenges during childhood, including transitions to different homes and caregivers, and as soon as she heard she had a little brother, she knew she wanted to make sure he had a stable, long term caregiver within his family.

The outcome

The sister activated quickly to make sure her home and supports were ready for him to come home to her. She’s been so happy having him for weekend visits and everything was able to come together for the holiday season as well.

*Names and identifying information have been changed for purposes of confidentiality.