OhioKAN helps aunt secure legal custody

OhioKAN logoSuccess story

OhioKAN received a call from an aunt who was caring for her baby nephew. She agreed to care for him for a short time, but it unexpectedly became a long-term situation. Like many kinship caregivers, she was not prepared for this unexpected addition to her household. She needed help accessing medical benefits, childcare, and food assistance.

Because she did not have custody of her nephew, she was unable to arrange a pediatric visit. OhioKAN helped her file for temporary custody, which allowed her to get benefits in place and schedule a medical visit. Her nephew was now able to go to his well-child visits. OhioKAN also helped the aunt obtain copies of the his birth certificate and Social Security card, which enabled her to receive Women Infants and Children benefits as well as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Child-Only Ohio Works First. Finally, OhioKAN also connected her with resources for childcare, clothing, and car seats. OhioKAN made all the difference for this family.