Welcome to Kinnect

Kinnect is an Ohio-based nonprofit that seeks to transform the child welfare system by leveraging its expertise to design programs, products, and services. As a leader in creating, implementing, and evaluating transformational programs and services, Kinnect works to prevent entry into the child welfare system and reduce the time children spend in it.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build and strengthen kinship connections and inclusive support networks for families, young people, and children. 

The power of kinship

The Kinnect Approach places kinship at the heart of the effort to help children in need find their permanent family. Foster care should be short-term and temporary. By partnering with other members of a child’s extended family, we can minimize disruption and help the family thrive.

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Your Support Can
Make a Difference!

Our programs are designed to support kinship caregivers so that children and kin can remain connected. Research has shown that children do better when they can remain with kin, within their community, and connected to their culture.

OhioKAN is a statewide program designed to help kinship and adoptive families navigate and connect with all available resources, locally and statewide. Our Kinnect to Family program utilizes the strategies of diligent searching and relentless engagement to identify potential connections, supports, and kinship placement options for children entering into foster care.

We believe all children have caring and capable extended families that are willing to help raise their kin. With the right tools and engagement, families can be united together to support one another through kinship care.

Please consider supporting our kinship care efforts across the state of Ohio.