14 year old reconnects with family after 7 years

The situation
A 14-year-old boy spent over 7 years in foster care, moving between residential treatment centers, group homes, and foster placements. During this period, he lost contact with his biological family, who believed he had been adopted, leaving him without essential familial support and stability.

The facilitation
Our Kinnect to Family (KTF) Specialist intervened by actively searching for and contacting the boy’s estranged family members. Despite initial beliefs about adoption, the specialist successfully reconnected with relatives who eagerly expressed their desire to build meaningful relationships with the teenager..

The outcome
Thanks to the KTF Specialist’s efforts, the teenager began visiting his reconnected family members. The public children services agency conducted assessments to ensure these placements were safe and suitable. The connection not only provided stable family relationships for the teenager but also restored a sense of belonging and support that had been absent during his time in foster care. This success highlights Kinnect’s belief in the transformative power of family reunification, affirming that everyone has a family and finding them changes everything.

*Names and identifying information have been changed for purposes of confidentiality.