6-month-old baby placed with grandmother

Success story

The situation

Trudy, our Kinnect to Family Specialist, recently stepped in to assist a family with a 6-month old baby facing serious medical issues. Through her efforts, she discovered the baby’s father had passed away. Trudy devoted herself to finding a relative who could provide the love and support the baby desperately needed.

The facilitation

In the process of finding a caregiver, Trudy studied the baby’s family tree and was able to find several relatives on the paternal side. Among those relatives was the baby’s paternal grandmother. Without hesitation, Trudy reached out to her to discuss the baby’s urgent need for kinship care.

The outcome

The grandmother expressed gratitude for being contacted and eagerly embraced the opportunity to care for the baby. Trudy’s dedication didn’t end there; she was able to identify two additional caregivers as backup support, ensuring the baby’s safety and security. Since placing the baby into it’s grandmother’s care, the baby has been thriving.

*Names and identifying information have been changed for purposes of confidentiality.